Chapter 73.36 RCW


RCW Sections

73.36.010Terms defined.
73.36.020Administrator party in interest in guardianship proceedings -- Notice.
73.36.030Appointment of guardian -- Necessary when.
73.36.040Guardian -- Number of wards permitted.
73.36.050Guardian -- Appointment -- Contents of petition.
73.36.060Guardian for minor -- Appointment -- Prima facie evidence.
73.36.080Notice of petition.
73.36.090Guardian's bond.
73.36.100Accounting by guardian -- Copies of all proceedings to be furnished administration -- Hearings.
73.36.110Failure to account -- Penalties.
73.36.120Compensation of guardian.
73.36.130Investment of funds -- Procedure.
73.36.140Use of funds -- Procedure.
73.36.150Purchase of real estate -- Procedure.
73.36.155Public records -- Free copies.
73.36.160Discharge of guardian -- Final account.
73.36.165Commitment to veterans administration or other federal agency.
73.36.170Application of chapter to other guardianships of veterans.
73.36.180Construction of chapter -- Uniformity.
73.36.190Short title.

Guardianship, generally: Chapters 11.88, 11.92 RCW.