Chapter 71A.20 RCW


RCW Sections

71A.20.010Scope of chapter.
71A.20.020Residential habilitation centers.
71A.20.030Facilities for Interlake School.
71A.20.040Use of Harrison Memorial Hospital property.
71A.20.050Superintendents -- Secretary's custody of residents.
71A.20.060Work programs for residents.
71A.20.070Educational programs.
71A.20.080Return of resident to community -- Notice -- Adjudicative proceeding -- Judicial review -- Effect of appeal.
71A.20.090Secretary to determine capacity of residential quarters.
71A.20.100Personal property of resident -- Secretary as custodian -- Limitations -- Judicial proceedings to recover.
71A.20.110Clothing for residents -- Cost.
71A.20.120Financial responsibility.
71A.20.130Death of resident, payment of funeral expenses -- Limitation.
71A.20.140Resident desiring to leave center -- Authority to hold resident limited.
71A.20.150Admission to residential habilitation center for observation.
71A.20.170Developmental disabilities community trust account -- Creation -- Required deposits -- Permitted withdrawals.
71A.20.180Closure of center -- Department duties -- Continuation of services.
71A.20.190Developmental disability service system task force.
71A.20.800Chapter to be liberally construed.
71A.20.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.