Chapter 71A.14 RCW


RCW Sections

71A.14.010Coordinated and comprehensive state and local program.
71A.14.020County developmental disability boards -- Composition -- Expenses.
71A.14.030County authorities -- State fund eligibility -- Rules -- Application.
71A.14.040Applications for state funds -- Review -- Approval -- Rules.
71A.14.050Services to community may be required.
71A.14.060Local authority to provide services.
71A.14.070Confidentiality of information -- Oath.
71A.14.080Local authority to receive and spend funds.
71A.14.090Local authority to participate in federal programs.
71A.14.100Funds from tax levy under RCW 71.20.110.
71A.14.110Contracts by boundary counties or cities in boundary counties.