Chapter 71.12 RCW


RCW Sections

71.12.460License to be obtained -- Penalty.
71.12.470License application -- Fees.
71.12.480Examination of operation of establishment and premises before granting license.
71.12.485Fire protection -- Duties of chief of the Washington state patrol.
71.12.490Expiration and renewal of license.
71.12.500Examination of premises as to compliance with the chapter, rules, and license -- License changes.
71.12.510Examination and visitation in general.
71.12.520Scope of examination.
71.12.530Conference with management -- Improvement.
71.12.540Recommendations to be kept on file -- Records of inmates.
71.12.550Local authorities may also prescribe standards.
71.12.560Voluntary patients -- Receipt authorized -- Application -- Report.
71.12.570Communications by patients -- Rights.
71.12.590Revocation of license for noncompliance -- Exemption as to Christian Science establishments.
71.12.595Suspension of license -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
71.12.640Prosecuting attorney shall prosecute violations.
71.12.670Licensing, operation, inspection -- Adoption of rules.
71.12.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Alcoholism, intoxication, and drug addiction treatment: Chapter 70.96A RCW.

Cost of services, disclosure: RCW 70.41.250.

Individuals with mental illness, commitment procedures, rights, etc.: Chapter 71.05 RCW.

Minors -- Mental health services, commitment: Chapter 71.34 RCW.

State hospitals for individuals with mental illness: Chapter 72.23 RCW.