Chapter 70.96A RCW

(Formerly Uniform alcoholism and intoxication treatment)

RCW Sections

70.96A.010Declaration of policy.
70.96A.011Legislative finding and intent -- Purpose of chapter.
70.96A.030Chemical dependency program.
70.96A.035Integrated comprehensive screening and assessment process -- Implementation.
70.96A.037Chemical dependency specialist services -- To be available at children and family services offices -- Training in uniform screening.
70.96A.040Program authority.
70.96A.043Agreements authorized under the Interlocal Cooperation Act.
70.96A.045Funding prerequisites, facilities, plans, or programs receiving financial assistance.
70.96A.047Local funding and donative funding requirements -- Facilities, plans, programs.
70.96A.050Duties of department.
70.96A.055Drug courts.
70.96A.060Interdepartmental coordinating committee.
70.96A.080Comprehensive program for treatment -- Regional facilities.
70.96A.085City, town, or county without facility -- Contribution of liquor taxes prerequisite to use of another's facility.
70.96A.087Liquor taxes and profits -- City and county eligibility conditioned.
70.96A.090Standards for treatment programs -- Enforcement procedures -- Penalties -- Evaluation of treatment of children -- Treatment during pregnancy.
70.96A.095Age of consent -- Outpatient treatment of minors for chemical dependency.
70.96A.096Notice to parents, school contacts for referring students to inpatient treatment.
70.96A.097Review of admission and inpatient treatment of minors -- Determination of medical necessity -- Department review -- Minor declines necessary treatment -- At-risk youth petition -- Costs -- Public funds.
70.96A.100Acceptance for approved treatment -- Rules.
70.96A.110Voluntary treatment of alcoholics or other drug addicts.
70.96A.120Treatment programs and facilities -- Admissions -- Peace officer duties -- Protective custody.
70.96A.140Involuntary commitment.
70.96A.141Joinder of petitions for commitment.
70.96A.142Evaluation by designated chemical dependency specialist -- When required -- Required notifications.
70.96A.145Involuntary commitment proceedings -- Prosecuting attorney may represent specialist or program.
70.96A.148Detention, commitment duties -- Designation of county designated mental health professional.
70.96A.150Records of persons treated for alcoholism and drug addiction.
70.96A.155Court-ordered treatment -- Required notifications.
70.96A.157Persons subject to court-ordered treatment or supervision -- Documentation.
70.96A.160Visitation and communication with patients.
70.96A.170Emergency service patrol -- Establishment -- Rules.
70.96A.180Payment for treatment -- Financial ability of patients.
70.96A.190Criminal laws limitations.
70.96A.230Minor -- When outpatient treatment provider must give notice to parents.
70.96A.235Minor -- Parental consent for inpatient treatment -- Exception.
70.96A.240Minor -- Parent not liable for payment unless consented to treatment -- No right to public funds.
70.96A.245Minor -- Parent may request determination whether minor has chemical dependency requiring inpatient treatment -- Minor consent not required -- Duties and obligations of professional person and facility.
70.96A.250Minor -- Parent may request determination whether minor has chemical dependency requiring outpatient treatment -- Consent of minor not required -- Discharge of minor.
70.96A.255Minor -- Petition to superior court for release from facility.
70.96A.260Minor -- Not released by petition under RCW 70.96A.255 -- Release within thirty days -- Professional may initiate proceedings to stop release.
70.96A.265Minor -- Eligibility for medical assistance under chapter 74.09 RCW -- Payment by department.
70.96A.300Counties may create alcoholism and other drug addiction board -- Generally.
70.96A.310County alcoholism and other drug addiction program -- Chief executive officer of program to be program coordinator.
70.96A.320Alcoholism and other drug addiction program -- Generally.
70.96A.325Methamphetamine addiction programs -- Counties authorized to seek state funding.
70.96A.350Criminal justice treatment account.
70.96A.400Opiate substitution treatment -- Declaration of regulation by state.
70.96A.410Opiate substitution treatment -- Program certification by department, department duties -- Definition of opiate substitution treatment.
70.96A.420Statewide treatment and operating standards for opiate substitution programs -- Evaluation and report.
70.96A.430Inability to contribute to cost no bar to admission -- Department may limit admissions.
70.96A.500Fetal alcohol screening and assessment services.
70.96A.510Interagency agreement on fetal alcohol exposure programs.
70.96A.520Chemical dependency treatment expenditures -- Prioritization.
70.96A.800Chemically dependent persons -- Intensive case management pilot projects.
70.96A.905Uniform application of chapter -- Training for county-designated mental health professionals.
70.96A.910Application -- Construction -- 1972 ex.s. c 122.
70.96A.915Department allocation of funds -- Construction.
70.96A.920Severability -- 1972 ex.s. c 122.
70.96A.930Section, subsection headings not part of law.

     Reviser's note: Throughout this chapter "this act" has been translated to "this chapter." This act [1972 ex.s. c 122] consists of chapter 70.96A RCW, the amendment of RCW 9.87.010, 71.24.030 and the repeal of RCW 9.68.040, 70.96.010-70.96.030,70.96.040 -70.96.080, 70.96.090, 70.96.100-70.96.140, 70.96.900, and 71.08.010-71.08.090.

Alcoholism and drug addiction and support act: Chapter 74.50 RCW.

Court files and records closed -- Exceptions: RCW 71.05.620.