Chapter 70.96A RCW


Legislative finding and intentPurpose of chapter.
Age of consentOutpatient treatment of minors for chemical dependency.
Notice to parents, school contacts for referring students to inpatient treatment.
Review of admission and inpatient treatment of minorsDetermination of medical necessityDepartment reviewMinor declines necessary treatmentAt-risk youth petitionCostsPublic funds.
Voluntary treatment of individuals with a substance use disorder.
Treatment programs and facilitiesAdmissionsPeace officer dutiesProtective custody.
Involuntary commitment.
Joinder of petitions for commitment.
Evaluation by designated chemical dependency specialistWhen requiredRequired notifications.
Involuntary commitment proceedingsProsecuting attorney may represent specialist or program.
Detention, commitment dutiesDesignation of county designated mental health professional.
Court-ordered treatmentRequired notifications.
Persons subject to court-ordered treatment or supervisionDocumentation.
Visitation and communication with patients.
Payment for treatmentFinancial ability of patients.
MinorWhen outpatient treatment provider must give notice to parents.
MinorParental consent for inpatient treatmentException.
MinorParent not liable for payment unless consented to treatmentNo right to public funds.
MinorParent may request determination whether minor has chemical dependency requiring inpatient treatmentMinor consent not requiredDuties and obligations of professional person and facility.
MinorParent may request determination whether minor has chemical dependency requiring outpatient treatmentConsent of minor not requiredDischarge of minor.
MinorPetition to superior court for release from facility.
MinorNot released by petition under RCW 70.96A.255Release within thirty daysProfessional may initiate proceedings to stop release.
MinorEligibility for medical assistance under chapter 74.09 RCWPayment by department.
ApplicationConstruction1972 ex.s. c 122.
Department allocation of fundsConstruction.
Severability1972 ex.s. c 122.
Section, subsection headings not part of law.
Reviser's note: Throughout this chapter "this act" has been translated to "this chapter." This act [1972 ex.s. c 122] consists of chapter 70.96A RCW, the amendment of RCW 9.87.010, 71.24.030 and the repeal of RCW 9.68.040, 70.96.010-70.96.030, 70.96.040-70.96.080, 70.96.090, 70.96.100-70.96.140, 70.96.900, and 71.08.010-71.08.090.
Alcoholism and drug addiction and support act: Chapter 74.50 RCW.
Court files and records closedExceptions: RCW 71.05.620.
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