Chapter 70.95N RCW


RCW Sections

70.95N.030Manufacturer participation.
70.95N.040Manufacturer registration.
70.95N.050Independent plan requirements.
70.95N.060Standard, independent plan requirements -- Fees to be set by the department -- Acceptance or rejection by department.
70.95N.070Plan updates -- Revised plan.
70.95N.080Independent plan participants changing to standard plan.
70.95N.090Collection services.
70.95N.100Successor duties.
70.95N.110Covered electronic sampling.
70.95N.120Promotion of covered product recycling.
70.95N.130Electronic products recycling account.
70.95N.140Annual reports.
70.95N.150Nonprofit charitable organizations -- Report.
70.95N.160Electronic products for sale must include manufacturer's brand.
70.95N.170Sale of covered electronic products.
70.95N.180Department web site.
70.95N.190Return share calculation.
70.95N.200Equivalent share calculation -- Notice to manufacturers -- Billing parties that do not meet their plan's equivalent share -- Payments to parties that exceed their plan's equivalent share -- Nonprofit charitable organizations.
70.95N.210Preliminary return share -- Notice -- Challenges -- Final return share.
70.95N.220Covered electronic products collected during a program year -- Payment per pound under, over equivalent share.
70.95N.230Rules -- Fees -- Reports.
70.95N.240Collector, transporter, processor registration.
70.95N.250Processors to comply with performance standards for environmentally sound management -- Rules.
70.95N.260Selling covered electronic products without participating in an approved plan prohibited -- Written warning -- Penalty -- Failure to comply with manufacturer registration requirements.
70.95N.280Materials management and financing authority.
70.95N.290Board of directors of the authority.
70.95N.300Manufacturers to pay their apportioned share of administrative and operational costs -- Performance bonds -- Dispute arbitration.
70.95N.310Authority use of funds.
70.95N.320General operating plan.
70.95N.330Authority employees -- Initial staff support -- Authority powers.
70.95N.340Federal preemption.
70.95N.350Entity must be registered as a collector to act as a collector in a plan -- Disposition of electronic products received by a registered collector -- Recordkeeping requirements -- Display of notice -- Site visits.
70.95N.900Construction -- 2006 c 183.
70.95N.901Severability -- 2006 c 183.
70.95N.902Effective date -- 2006 c 183.