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RCW 70.94.480

Woodstove education program.

(1) The department of ecology shall establish a program to educate woodstove dealers and the public about:
(a) The effects of woodstove emissions on health and air quality;
(b) Methods of achieving better efficiency and emission performance from woodstoves;
(c) Woodstoves that have been approved by the department;
(d) The benefits of replacing inefficient woodstoves with stoves approved under RCW 70.94.457.
(2) Persons selling new woodstoves shall distribute and verbally explain educational materials describing when a stove can and cannot be legally used to customers purchasing new woodstoves.
[1990 c 128 § 6; 1987 c 405 § 3.]
Severability1987 c 405: See note following RCW 70.94.450.