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RCW 70.87.100

Conveyance work to be performed by elevator contractors—Acceptance tests—Inspections.

(1) All conveyance installations, relocations, or alterations must be performed by an elevator contractor employing an elevator mechanic.
(2) The elevator contractor employing an elevator mechanic performing such conveyance work shall notify the department before completion of the work, and shall subject the new, moved, or altered portions of the conveyance to the acceptance tests.
(3) All new, altered, or relocated conveyances for which a permit has been issued, shall be inspected for compliance with the requirements of this chapter by an authorized representative of the department. The authorized representative shall also witness the test specified.
[2003 c 143 § 15; 2002 c 98 § 5; 1983 c 123 § 11; 1963 c 26 § 10.]
Part headings and captions not lawEffective date2003 c 143: See notes following RCW 70.87.020.