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Chapter 70.79 RCW


RCW Sections

70.79.010Board of boiler rules -- Members -- Terms -- Meetings.
70.79.020Compensation and travel expenses.
70.79.030Duties of board.
70.79.040Rules and regulations -- Scope.
70.79.050Rules and regulations -- Effect.
70.79.060Construction, installation must conform to rules -- Inspection certificate.
70.79.070Existing installations -- Conformance required -- Miniature hobby boilers.
70.79.080Exemptions from chapter.
70.79.090Exemptions from certain provisions.
70.79.095Espresso machines -- Local regulation prohibited.
70.79.100Chief inspector -- Qualifications -- Appointment, removal.
70.79.110Chief inspector -- Duties in general.
70.79.120Deputy inspectors -- Qualifications -- Employment.
70.79.130Special inspectors -- Qualifications -- Commission.
70.79.140Special inspectors -- Compensation -- Continuance of commission.
70.79.150Special inspectors -- Inspections -- Exempts from inspection fees.
70.79.160Report of inspection by special inspector -- Filing.
70.79.170Examinations for inspector's appointment or commission -- Reexamination.
70.79.180Suspension, revocation of inspector's commission -- Grounds -- Reinstatement.
70.79.190Suspension, revocation of commission -- Appeal.
70.79.200Lost or destroyed certificate or commission.
70.79.220Inspections -- Who shall make.
70.79.230Access to premises by inspectors.
70.79.240Inspection of boilers, unfired pressure vessels -- Scope -- Frequency.
70.79.250Inspection -- Frequency -- Grace period.
70.79.260Inspection -- Frequency -- Modification by rules.
70.79.270Hydrostatic test.
70.79.280Inspection during construction.
70.79.290Inspection certificate -- Contents -- Posting -- Fee.
70.79.300Inspection certificate invalid on termination of insurance.
70.79.310Inspection certificate -- Suspension -- Reinstatement.
70.79.320Operating without inspection certificate prohibited -- Penalty.
70.79.330Inspection fees -- Expenses -- Schedules -- Waiver of provisions during state of emergency.
70.79.350Inspection fees -- Receipts for -- Pressure systems safety fund.
70.79.361Board determinations -- Appeals.
70.79.900Severability -- 1951 c 32.

Excessive steam in boilers, penalty: RCW 70.54.080.

State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.