Chapter 70.235 RCW


RCW Sections

70.235.005Findings -- Intent.
70.235.020Greenhouse gas emissions reductions -- Reporting requirements.
70.235.030Development of a design for a regional multisector market-based system to limit and reduce emissions of greenhouse gas -- Information required to be submitted to the legislature.
70.235.040Consultation with climate impacts group at the University of Washington -- Report to the legislature.
70.235.050Greenhouse gas emission limits for state agencies -- Timeline -- Reports -- Strategy -- Point of accountability employee for energy and climate change initiatives.
70.235.060Emissions calculator for estimating aggregate emissions -- Reports.
70.235.070Distribution of funds for infrastructure and capital development projects -- Prerequisites.
70.235.900Scope of chapter 14, Laws of 2008.
70.235.901Severability -- 2008 c 14.