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Chapter 70.230 RCW


Duties of secretaryRules.
Operating without a license.
Exclusions from chapter.
Facility safety and emergency training.
Denial, suspension, or revocation of licenseInvestigating complaintsPenalties.
Coordinated quality improvementRules.
Ambulatory surgical facilitiesConstruction, maintenance, and operationMinimum standards and rules.
Ambulatory surgical facilitiesSurveys.
Ambulatory surgical facilitiesSubmission of data related to the quality of patient care.
ReportsDiscipline of a health care provider for unprofessional conductPenalties.
Written recordsDecisions to restrict or terminate privileges of practitionersPenalties.
Information concerning practitionersDisclosure.
Unanticipated outcomesNotification.
Complaint toll-free telephone numberNotice.
Information received by departmentDisclosure.
Ambulatory surgical facility account.
Certain ambulatory surgical facilities deemed to have complied with survey requirements of RCW 70.230.100.
Effective date2007 c 273.
Implementation2007 c 273.