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Chapter 70.230 RCW


RCW Sections

70.230.020Duties of secretary -- Rules.
70.230.030Operating without a license.
70.230.040Exclusions from chapter.
70.230.050Licenses -- Applicants -- Renewal.
70.230.060Facility safety and emergency training.
70.230.070Denial, suspension, or revocation of license -- Investigating complaints -- Penalties.
70.230.080Coordinated quality improvement -- Rules.
70.230.090Ambulatory surgical facilities -- Construction, maintenance, and operation -- Minimum standards and rules.
70.230.100Ambulatory surgical facilities -- Surveys.
70.230.110Ambulatory surgical facilities -- Submission of data related to the quality of patient care.
70.230.120Reports -- Discipline of a health care provider for unprofessional conduct -- Penalties.
70.230.130Written records -- Decisions to restrict or terminate privileges of practitioners -- Penalties.
70.230.140Information concerning practitioners -- Disclosure.
70.230.150Unanticipated outcomes -- Notification.
70.230.160Complaint toll-free telephone number -- Notice.
70.230.170Information received by department -- Disclosure.
70.230.180Ambulatory surgical facility account.
70.230.190Certain ambulatory surgical facilities deemed to have complied with survey requirements of RCW 70.230.100.
70.230.900Effective date -- 2007 c 273.
70.230.901Implementation -- 2007 c 273.