Chapter 7.90 RCW


RCW Sections

7.90.005Legislative declaration.
7.90.020Petition for a sexual assault protection order -- Creation -- Contents -- Administration.
7.90.030Petition -- Who may file.
7.90.040Petition -- Additional requirements.
7.90.050Petition -- Hearings prior to issuance of protection order.
7.90.052Service by publication--When authorized.
7.90.053Service by mail--When authorized.
7.90.054Issuance of order following service by publication or mail.
7.90.055Fees not permitted -- Filing, service of process, certified copies.
7.90.060Sexual assault advocates.
7.90.070Appointment of counsel.
7.90.090Burden of proof -- Issuance of protection order -- Remedies -- Violations.
7.90.100Accountability for conduct of others.
7.90.110Ex parte temporary sexual assault protection orders -- Issuance.
7.90.120Ex parte orders -- Duration.
7.90.121Renewal of ex parte order.
7.90.130Sexual assault protection orders -- Contents.
7.90.140Sexual assault protection orders -- Service to respondent.
7.90.150Court initiated issuance of sexual assault protection orders -- Terms, conditions, requirements, etc.
7.90.155Sexual assault protection orders -- Personal jurisdiction -- Nonresident individuals.
7.90.160Law enforcement agencies -- Entry of protection order data.
7.90.170Modification or termination of protection orders.
7.90.180Administrative office of the courts -- Court clerks -- Instructional and informational material.
7.90.190Admissibility of ex parte temporary orders in civil actions.
7.90.900Short title -- 2006 c 138.