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RCW 7.60.100

Receiver's reports.

A general receiver shall file with the court a monthly report of the receiver's operations and financial affairs unless otherwise ordered by the court. Except as otherwise ordered by the court, each report of a general receiver shall be due by the last day of the subsequent month and shall include the following:
(1) A balance sheet;
(2) A statement of income and expenses;
(3) A statement of cash receipts and disbursements;
(4) A statement of accrued accounts receivable of the receiver. The statement shall disclose amounts considered to be uncollectable;
(5) A statement of accounts payable of the receiver, including professional fees. The statement shall list the name of each creditor and the amounts owing and remaining unpaid over thirty days; and
(6) A tax disclosure statement, which shall list postfiling taxes due or tax deposits required, the name of the taxing agency, the amount due, the date due, and an explanation for any failure to make payments or deposits.
A custodial receiver shall file with the court all such reports the court may require.
[2004 c 165 § 12.]
PurposeCaptions not law2004 c 165: See notes following RCW 7.60.005.