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Chapter 69.07 RCW


RCW Sections

69.07.005Legislative declaration.
69.07.020Enforcement -- Rules -- Adoption -- Contents -- Standards.
69.07.040Food processing license -- Waiver if licensed under chapter 15.36 RCW -- Expiration date -- Application, contents -- Fee.
69.07.050Renewal of license -- Additional fee, when.
69.07.060Denial, suspension, or revocation of license -- Grounds.
69.07.065Suspension of license summarily -- Reinstatement.
69.07.070Rules and regulations, hearings subject to Administrative Procedure Act.
69.07.080Inspections by department -- Access -- When.
69.07.085Sanitary certificates -- Fee.
69.07.095Authority of director and personnel.
69.07.100Establishments exempted from provisions of chapter.
69.07.103Poultry -- Slaughter, preparation, sale -- One thousand or fewer -- Special permit -- Rules -- Fee.
69.07.110Enforcement of chapter.
69.07.120Disposition of money into food processing inspection account.
69.07.135Unlawful to sell or distribute food from unlicensed processor.
69.07.140Violations -- Warning notice.
69.07.150Violations -- Penalties.
69.07.160Authority of director and department under chapter 69.04 RCW not impaired by any provision of chapter 69.07 RCW.
69.07.180Bottled water labeling standards.
69.07.190Bottled soft drinks, soda, or seltzer exempt from bottled water labeling requirements.
69.07.900Chapter is cumulative and nonexclusive.
69.07.910Severability -- 1967 ex.s. c 121.
69.07.920Short title.