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RCW 69.04.245

Poultry—Improper use of state's geographic outline.

*** CHANGE IN 2018 *** (SEE 6318-S.SL) ***

Uncooked poultry is deemed to be misbranded if it is produced outside of this state but the label for the poultry contains the geographic outline of this state.
Legislative findings1989 c 257: "The legislature finds that: Poultry produced in this state is known throughout the state for its high quality; and one of the sources of that quality is the proximity of production centers to retail outlets in the state. The legislature also finds that labeling which misrepresents poultry produced elsewhere as being a product of this state may lead consumers to purchase products which they would not otherwise purchase. The legislature further finds that the presence of the geographic outline of this state on a label for poultry produced outside of the state misrepresents the product as having been produced in this state." [ 1989 c 257 § 1.]
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