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Chapter 68.50 RCW


RCW Sections

68.50.010Coroner's jurisdiction over remains.
68.50.015Immunity for determining cause and manner of death -- Judicial review of determination.
68.50.020Notice to coroner -- Penalty.
68.50.032Transportation of remains directed by coroner or medical examiner -- Costs.
68.50.035Unlawful to refuse burial to non-Caucasian.
68.50.040Deceased's effects to be listed.
68.50.050Removal or concealment of body -- Penalty.
68.50.060Bodies for instruction purposes.
68.50.070Human remains -- Disposition.
68.50.080Certificate and bond before receiving bodies.
68.50.100Dissection, when permitted -- Autopsy of person under the age of three years.
68.50.101Autopsy, postmortem -- Who may authorize.
68.50.102Court petition for autopsy -- Cost.
68.50.103Autopsies in industrial deaths.
68.50.104Cost of autopsy.
68.50.105Autopsies, postmortems -- Reports and records confidential -- Exceptions.
68.50.106Autopsies, postmortems -- Analyses -- Opinions -- Evidence -- Costs.
68.50.107State toxicological laboratory established -- State toxicologist.
68.50.108Autopsies, postmortems -- Consent to embalm or cremate body -- Time limitation.
68.50.110Burial or cremating.
68.50.115Coroner and medical examiner liability -- Release of information.
68.50.120Holding body for debt -- Penalty.
68.50.130Unlawful disposal of remains.
68.50.140Unlawful disturbance, removal, or sale of human remains -- Penalty.
68.50.160Right to control disposition of remains -- Liability of funeral establishment or cemetery authority -- Liability for cost.
68.50.170Effect of authorization.
68.50.185Individual cremation -- Exception -- Penalty.
68.50.200Permission to remove human remains.
68.50.210Notice for order to remove remains.
68.50.230Human remains that have not been disposed -- Rules.
68.50.232Remains -- Entrusting to funeral homes or mortuaries.
68.50.240Record of human remains to be kept.
68.50.270Possession of cremated human remains.
68.50.290Corneal tissue for transplantation -- Presumption of good faith.
68.50.300Release of information concerning a death.
68.50.310Dental identification system established -- Powers and duties.
68.50.320Procedures for investigating missing persons -- Availability of files.
68.50.330Identification of body or human remains by dental examination -- Comparison of dental examination records with dental records of dental identification system.
68.50.645Skeletal human remains -- Duty to notify -- Ground disturbing activities -- Coroner determination -- Definitions.
68.50.900Effective date -- 1987 c 331.
68.50.901Application -- 1993 c 228.
68.50.902Application -- Construction -- 1993 c 228.
68.50.903Severability -- 1993 c 228.
68.50.904Short title -- 1993 c 228.

Burial and removal permits: RCW 70.58.230.

Coroners to submit blood samples to state toxicologist -- Analysis -- Utilization of reports: RCW 46.52.065.

County commissioners to dispose of remains of indigents: RCW 36.39.030.

Disposal of remains prohibited unless accompanied by proper permit: RCW 70.58.260.

Fetal deaths: Chapter 70.58 RCW.

Undertaker must file death certificate: RCW 70.58.240.

Veterans and relatives: Chapter 73.24 RCW.