Chapter 68.44 RCW


RCW Sections

68.44.010Funds authorized -- Investments.
68.44.020Use and care of funds.
68.44.030Authorized investments.
68.44.060Unauthorized loans -- Penalty.
68.44.070Use of contributions to funds.
68.44.080Plans for care -- Financing.
68.44.090Covenant to care for cemetery.
68.44.100Agreement by owner to care for plot.
68.44.110Trustees of fund.
68.44.115Trustee to file statement with board -- Resignation of trusteeship.
68.44.120Directors as trustees -- Secretary.
68.44.130Bank or trust company as trustee.
68.44.140Compensation of trustees.
68.44.150Annual report.
68.44.170Use of income from fund.
68.44.180Certain cemeteries exempt from chapter.
68.44.900Effective date -- 1987 c 331.