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Chapter 67.28 RCW


RCW Sections

67.28.120Authorization to acquire and operate tourism-related facilities.
67.28.125Selling convention center facilities -- Smaller counties within national scenic areas.
67.28.130Conveyance or lease of lands, properties or facilities authorized -- Joint participation, use of facilities.
67.28.140Declaration of public purpose -- Right of eminent domain.
67.28.150Issuance of general obligation bonds -- Maturity -- Methods of payment.
67.28.160Revenue bonds -- Issuance, sale, form, term, payment, reserves, actions.
67.28.170Power to lease all or part of facilities -- Disposition of proceeds.
67.28.180Lodging tax authorized -- Conditions.
67.28.1801Credit against sales tax due on same lodging.
67.28.181Special excise taxes authorized--Rates--Credits for city or town tax by county -- Limits.
67.28.1815Revenue--Special fund--Uses for tourism promotion and tourism facility acquisition and operation.
67.28.1816Lodging tax -- Tourism promotion.
67.28.1817Lodging tax advisory committee in large municipalities--Submission of proposal for imposition of or change in tax or use--Comments.
67.28.183Exemption from tax -- Emergency lodging for homeless persons -- Conditions.
67.28.184Use of hotel-motel tax revenues by cities for professional sports franchise facilities limited.
67.28.186Exemption from tax -- Temporary medical housing.
67.28.200Special excise tax authorized -- Exemptions may be established -- Collection.
67.28.220Powers additional and supplemental to other laws.
67.28.225Compliance with prevailing wages on public works provisions.
67.28.8001Reports by municipalities--Summary and analysis by department of community, trade, and economic development.
67.28.900Severability -- 1965 c 15.
67.28.910Severability -- 1967 c 236.
67.28.911Severability -- 1973 2nd ex.s. c 34.
67.28.912Severability -- 1975 1st ex.s. c 225.
67.28.913Severability -- 1988 ex.s. c 1.

Multipurpose community centers: Chapter 35.59 RCW.

Stadiums, coliseums, powers of counties to build and operate: RCW 36.68.090.

Tax changes: RCW 82.14.055.

Tax rate calculation errors: RCW 82.32.430.