Chapter 64.44 RCW


RCW Sections

64.44.005Legislative finding.
64.44.020Reporting -- Warning -- Notice -- Duties of local health officer.
64.44.030Order declaring property unfit and prohibiting use -- Notice -- Hearing -- Emergency order.
64.44.040Orders declaring property unfit and prohibiting use -- City, county action -- Entrance upon property prohibited.
64.44.050Decontamination, demolition, or disposal by owner -- Requirements and procedure -- Costs -- Decontamination timeline.
64.44.060Certification of contractors, supervisors, or workers -- Denial, suspension, revocation, or restrictions on certificate -- Penalties -- Fees.
64.44.070Rules and standards -- Chapter administration, property decontamination.
64.44.075Annual evaluation and inspection of decontamination projects.
64.44.080Civil liability -- Immunity.
64.44.900Application -- Other remedies.
64.44.901Severability -- 1990 c 213.