Chapter 64.04 RCW


RCW Sections

64.04.005Liquidated damages -- Earnest money deposit -- Exclusive remedy -- Definition.
64.04.007Owner-occupied real property -- Release of security interest -- Outstanding debt -- Notice to borrower -- Definition.
64.04.010Conveyances and encumbrances to be by deed.
64.04.020Requisites of a deed.
64.04.030Warranty deed -- Form and effect.
64.04.040Bargain and sale deed -- Form and effect.
64.04.050Quitclaim deed -- Form and effect.
64.04.055Deeds for conveyance of apartments under horizontal property regimes act.
64.04.060Word "heirs" unnecessary.
64.04.070After acquired title follows deed.
64.04.090Private seals abolished.
64.04.100Private seals abolished -- Validation.
64.04.105Corporate seals -- Effect of absence from instrument.
64.04.130Interests in land for purposes of conservation, protection, preservation, etc. -- Ownership by certain entities -- Conveyances -- Definitions.
64.04.135Criteria for monitoring historical conformance not to exceed those in original donation agreement -- Exception.
64.04.140Legislative declaration -- Solar energy systems -- Solar easements authorized.
64.04.150Solar easements -- Definitions.
64.04.160Solar easements -- Creation.
64.04.170Interference with solar easement -- Remedies.
64.04.175Easements established by dedication -- Extinguishing or altering.
64.04.180Railroad properties as public utility and transportation corridors -- Declaration of availability for public use -- Acquisition of reversionary interest.
64.04.190Public utility and transportation corridors -- Defined.
64.04.200Existing rate or charge for energy conservation -- Seller's duty to disclose.
64.04.210Requests for notice of transfer or encumbrance--Disclosure--Notice to department of social and health services.

     Validating -- 1929 c 33: "All instruments in writing purporting to convey or encumber real estate situated in this state, or any interest therein, or other instrument in writing required to be acknowledged, heretofore executed and acknowledged according to the provisions of this act are hereby declared legal and valid." [1929 c 33 § 7; RRS § 10563, part.]

     Validating -- 1891 p 178: "In all cases where real estate has been heretofore duly sold by a sheriff in pursuance of law by virtue of an execution or other process, and no deed having been made therefor in the manner required by law to the purchaser therefor [thereof] or other person entitled to the same by the sheriff making the sale, the successor in office of the sheriff making the sale having made a deed of the premises so sold to the purchaser or other person entitled to the same, such deed shall be valid and effectual to convey to the grantee the lands or premises so sold: PROVIDED, That this act shall not be construed to affect the equities of third parties in the premises." [1891 p 178 § 1; RRS § 10569.]

     Validating -- 1890 p 89: "All deeds, mortgages or other instruments in writing heretofore executed to convey real estate, or any interest therein, and which have no subscribing witness or witnesses thereto, are hereby cured of such defect and made valid, notwithstanding such omission: PROVIDED, Nothing in this act shall be construed to affect vested rights or impair contracts made in good faith between parties prior to the passage of this act: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That nothing in this act shall be construed to give validity to, or in any manner affect, the sale or transfer of real estate made by the territory or state of Washington, or any officer, agent or employee thereof prior to the passage of this act." [1890 p 89 § 1; RRS § 10570.]

     Reviser's note: The two sections below were repealed by 1929 c 33 § 15 but are retained for their historical value.

     Validating -- Code 1881: "All deeds, mortgages, or other instruments in writing, which, prior to the passage of this chapter may have been acknowledged before either of the foregoing named officers, or deputies, or before the clerk of any court, or his deputies, heretofore established by the laws of this territory, are hereby declared legal and valid, in so far as such acknowledgment is concerned." [Code 1881 § 2318; RRS § 10562.]

     Validating -- Code 1881: "That all deeds, mortgages, and other instruments at any time heretofore acknowledged according to the provisions of this chapter are hereby declared legal and valid." [Code 1881 § 2322; RRS § 10568.]

Recording of deeds and conveyances: Title 65 RCW.