Chapter 60.11 RCW


RCW Sections

60.11.020Persons entitled to crop liens -- Property subject to lien.
60.11.030Attachment and effectiveness of lien on crops and proceeds -- Filing.
60.11.040Statement of lien -- Filing -- Contents -- Duration.
60.11.050Priorities of liens and security interests.
60.11.060Foreclosure and enforcement of crop lien.
60.11.070Judicial foreclosure.
60.11.080Summary foreclosure.
60.11.090Rights and interest of purchaser for value.
60.11.110Noncompliance with chapter -- Rights of lien debtor.
60.11.120"Commercially reasonable."
60.11.130Limitation of action to foreclose.
60.11.140Termination statement.
60.11.900Savings -- Liens created under prior law.
60.11.901Section captions.
60.11.902Severability -- 1986 c 242.
60.11.903Effective date -- 1986 c 242.
60.11.904Transition rule for filings made before July 1, 2001.