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RCW 60.10.070

"Commercially reasonable."

As used in this chapter, "commercially reasonable" shall be construed in a manner consistent with the following:
The fact that a better price could have been obtained by a sale at a different time or in a different method from that selected by the lienholder is not of itself sufficient to establish that the sale was not made in a commercially reasonable manner. If the lienholder either sells the collateral in the usual manner in any recognized market therefor or if he or she sells at the price current in such market at the time of his or her sale or if he or she has otherwise sold in conformity with reasonable commercial practices among dealers in the type of property sold he or she has sold in a commercially reasonable manner. A disposition which has been approved in any judicial proceeding or by any bona fide creditors' committee or representative of creditors shall conclusively be deemed to be commercially reasonable, but this sentence does not indicate that any such approval must be obtained in any case nor does it indicate that any disposition not so approved is not commercially reasonable.
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