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Chapter 58.24 RCW


RCW Sections

58.24.010Declaration of necessity.
58.24.020Official agency designated -- Advisory board.
58.24.030Official agency designated -- Powers -- Cooperate and advise -- Purposes.
58.24.040Official agency designated -- Powers -- Standards, maps, records, report, temporary removal of boundary marks or monuments.
58.24.050Employees -- Licensed engineers or surveyors.
58.24.060Surveys and maps account -- Purposes.
58.24.070Fees for filing and recording surveys, plats, or maps -- Deposit and use of fees.

Cemetery property -- Surveys and maps, plats, etc.: Chapter 68.24 RCW.

Counties -- Land surveys, record of surveys: RCW 36.32.370, 36.32.380.

Geological survey: Chapter 43.27A RCW.

Irrigation districts -- Map of district: RCW 87.03.775.

Public lands -- Maps and plats -- Record and index -- Public inspection: RCW 79.02.210.

Reclamation districts -- Surveys, etc.: Chapter 89.30 RCW.

Regulation of public groundwaters -- Designating or modifying boundaries of areas -- Notice of hearing -- Findings -- Order: RCW 90.44.130.

Restoration of United States survey markers: RCW 47.36.010.

State highways and toll bridges
   copy of map, plans, etc. -- Fee: RCW 47.28.060.
   maps, plans, etc. -- Filing: RCW 47.28.040.