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Chapter 58.17 RCW


RCW Sections

58.17.030Subdivisions to comply with chapter, local regulations.
58.17.033Proposed division of land -- Consideration of application for preliminary plat or short plat approval -- Requirements defined by local ordinance.
58.17.035Alternative method of land division -- Binding site plans.
58.17.040Chapter inapplicable, when.
58.17.050Assessors plat -- Compliance.
58.17.060Short plats and short subdivisions -- Summary approval -- Regulations -- Requirements.
58.17.065Short plats and short subdivisions -- Filing.
58.17.070Preliminary plat of subdivisions and dedications -- Submission for approval -- Procedure.
58.17.080Filing of preliminary plat -- Notice.
58.17.090Notice of public hearing.
58.17.092Public notice -- Identification of affected property.
58.17.095Ordinance may authorize administrative review of preliminary plat without public hearing.
58.17.100Review of preliminary plats by planning commission or agency -- Recommendation -- Change by legislative body -- Procedure -- Approval.
58.17.110Approval or disapproval of subdivision and dedication -- Factors to be considered -- Conditions for approval -- Finding -- Release from damages.
58.17.120Disapproval due to flood, inundation or swamp conditions -- Improvements -- Approval conditions.
58.17.130Bond in lieu of actual construction of improvements prior to approval of final plat -- Bond or security to assure successful operation of improvements.
58.17.140Time limitation for approval or disapproval of plats -- Extensions.
58.17.150Recommendations of certain agencies to accompany plats submitted for final approval.
58.17.155Short subdivision adjacent to state highway -- Notice to department of transportation.
58.17.160Requirements for each plat or replat filed for record.
58.17.165Certificate giving description and statement of owners must accompany final plat -- Dedication, certificate requirements if plat contains -- Waiver.
58.17.170Written approval of subdivision -- Original of final plat to be filed -- Copies -- Periods of validity, governance.
58.17.180Review of decision.
58.17.190Approval of plat required before filing -- Procedure when unapproved plat filed.
58.17.195Approval of plat or short plat -- Written finding of conformity with applicable land use controls.
58.17.200Injunctive action to restrain subdivision, sale, transfer of land where final plat not filed.
58.17.205Agreements to transfer land conditioned on final plat approval -- Authorized.
58.17.210Building, septic tank or other development permits not to be issued for land divided in violation of chapter or regulations -- Exceptions -- Damages -- Rescission by purchaser.
58.17.212Vacation of subdivision -- Procedure.
58.17.215Alteration of subdivision -- Procedure.
58.17.217Alteration or vacation of subdivision -- Conduct of hearing.
58.17.218Alteration of subdivision -- Easements by dedication.
58.17.220Violation of court order or injunction -- Penalty.
58.17.225Easement over public open space -- May be exempt from RCW 58.17.215 -- Hearing -- Notice.
58.17.230Assurance of discontinuance of violations.
58.17.240Permanent control monuments.
58.17.250Survey of subdivision and preparation of plat.
58.17.255Survey discrepancy -- Disclosure.
58.17.260Joint committee -- Members -- Recommendations for surveys, monumentation and plat drawings.
58.17.275Proposals to adopt, amend, or repeal local ordinances -- Advance notice.
58.17.280Naming and numbering of short subdivisions, subdivisions, streets, lots and blocks.
58.17.290Copy of plat as evidence.
58.17.300Violations -- Penalties.
58.17.310Application for approval of plat within irrigation district -- Approval without provision for irrigation prohibited.
58.17.320Compliance with chapter and local regulations -- Enforcement.
58.17.330Hearing examiner system -- Adoption authorized -- Procedures -- Decisions.
58.17.900Validation of existing ordinances and resolutions.
58.17.910Severability -- 1969 ex.s. c 271.
58.17.920Effective date and application of 1974 ex.s. c 134.

Fees for filing subdivision plats and short plats: RCW 58.24.070.