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Chapter 58.04 RCW


RCW Sections

58.04.001Purpose -- Remedies.
58.04.003Definition of surveyor.
58.04.007Affected landowners may resolve dispute over location of a point or line -- Procedures.
58.04.011Authorization to enter upon any land or waters for purpose of resolving dispute.
58.04.015Disturbing a survey monument -- Penalty -- Cost.
58.04.020Suit to establish lost or uncertain boundaries -- Mediation may be required.
58.04.030Commissioners -- Survey and report.
58.04.040Proceedings, conduct of -- Costs.

Cities and towns
   jurisdiction over adjacent waters (boundaries adjacent to or fronting thereon): RCW 35.21.160.
   proposed boundaries required on incorporation: Chapter 35.02 RCW.

   actions to establish boundaries: Chapter 36.05 RCW.
   boundaries: Chapter 36.04 RCW.
   roads and bridges -- Establishment -- Monuments at government survey corners: RCW 36.86.050.
   survey map, field notes and profiles: RCW 36.81.060.

Dike or ditch as common boundary: RCW 85.28.140.

Diking and drainage districts -- Boundaries: Title 85 RCW.

Fences: Chapter 16.60 RCW.

Flood control districts -- Boundaries: Title 86 RCW.

Harbor line commission: RCW 79.115.010.

Public waterway districts -- Boundaries: Chapter 91.08 RCW.

Reclamation districts of one million acres -- Boundaries to be fixed: RCW 89.30.082.

Relocation of inner harbor line: RCW 79.115.020.

Shellfish cultivation or other aquaculture use -- Survey and boundary markers: RCW 79.135.140.

Soil conservation -- Annexation of territory -- Boundary change: RCW 89.08.180.

Survey of county boundaries: RCW 36.04.400.

Tidelands, shorelands -- Boundary of shorelands when water lowered: RCW 79.125.500.