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RCW 51.12.180

For hire vehicle businesses and operators — Findings — Declaration.

The legislature finds that taxicab, limousine, and other for hire vehicle operators are at significant risk of injury due to work-related accidents or crimes such as robbery that may not be covered by standard vehicle insurance policies. Since almost all taxicab, limousine, and other for hire vehicle business operations are independent small business franchises, their owners or operators may opt out of industrial insurance coverage without full consideration for the risk of financial exposure to themselves or to their businesses. As a result, health care may be provided to them at public expense or not at all, and erroneous claims may be made by health care providers for insurance coverage, against the state department of labor and industries, private businesses, or the taxicab associations in which certain municipalities require participation. Most for hire vehicle operators do not enjoy the benefit of the broad public policy embodied in this title that mandates industrial insurance protection for workers. The legislature therefore declares that all taxicab, limousine, for hire vehicle businesses, and for hire vehicle operators are subject to mandatory industrial insurance coverage under this title.

[2011 c 190 § 1.]


     Effective date -- 2011 c 190: "Except for section 3 of this act, this act takes effect January 1, 2012." [2011 c 190 § 9.]