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RCW 50.72.040

Education and employment training grants — Eligible activities.

(1) Grants made under this chapter shall be used to fund an applicant's activities to implement a comprehensive education and employment skills training program.

     (2) Activities eligible for assistance under this chapter include:

     (a) Education and job skills training services and activities that include:

     (i) Work experience and skills training, coordinated to the maximum extent feasible, with preapprenticeship and apprenticeship programs in construction and rehabilitation trades;

     (ii) Services and activities designed to meet the educational needs of participants, including basic skills instruction and remedial education, bilingual education for participants with limited-English proficiency, secondary education services and activities designed to lead to the attainment of a high school diploma or its equivalent, and counseling and assistance in attaining postsecondary education and required financial aid;

     (b) Counseling services and related activities;

     (c) Activities designed to develop employment and leadership skills;

     (d) Support services and need-based stipends necessary to enable the participant to participate in the program and to assist participants through support services in retaining employment;

     (e) Wage stipends and benefits provided to participants; and

     (f) Administrative costs of the applicant, not to exceed five percent of the amount of assistance provided under this chapter.

[1994 sp.s. c 3 § 4.]