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Chapter 50.04 RCW


RCW Sections

50.04.020Base year -- Alternative base year.
50.04.030Benefit year.
50.04.050Calendar quarter.
50.04.065Common paymaster or pay agent.
50.04.072Contributions -- "Contributions" and "payments in lieu of contributions" as money payments and taxes due state.
50.04.073Contributions -- As including "payments in lieu of contributions" -- Scope.
50.04.075Dislocated worker.
50.04.090Employing unit.
50.04.110Employment -- Situs of service.
50.04.115Employment -- Out-of-state service, election.
50.04.116Employment -- Out-of-state service, when included -- "American employer" defined.
50.04.120Employment -- Localized service.
50.04.125Employment -- Foreign degree-granting institutions -- Employee services localized in country of domicile.
50.04.140Employment -- Exception tests.
50.04.145Employment -- Exclusions.
50.04.148Employment -- Services performed by musician or entertainer.
50.04.150Employment -- Agricultural labor.
50.04.1501Employment -- Farm internship program.
50.04.155Service performed in agricultural labor for farm operator or crew leader.
50.04.160Employment -- Domestic service.
50.04.165Employment -- Corporate officers -- Election of coverage -- Notification.
50.04.170Employment -- Maritime service--Exceptions.
50.04.180Family employment.
50.04.205Services performed by aliens.
50.04.206Employment -- Nonresident alien.
50.04.210Employment -- Foreign governmental service.
50.04.220Employment -- Service covered by federal act.
50.04.223Employment -- Massage practitioner.
50.04.225Employment -- Barber and cosmetology services.
50.04.230Employment -- Services of insurance agent, broker, or solicitor, real estate broker or real estate salesperson, and investment company agent or solicitor.
50.04.232Employment -- Travel services.
50.04.235Employment -- Outside salesperson paid by commission.
50.04.240Employment -- Newspaper vendor, carrier, or delivery person.
50.04.245Employment -- Services performed for temporary services agency, employee leasing agency, or services referral agency -- Amateur sports officials -- Definitions.
50.04.246Employment -- Amateur sports officials.
50.04.248Employment -- Third-party payer.
50.04.255Employment -- Appraisal practitioner services.
50.04.265Employment -- Indian tribes.
50.04.270Employment -- Casual labor.
50.04.275Employment -- Small performing arts.
50.04.280Employment -- "Pay period" determination.
50.04.290Employment office.
50.04.294Misconduct -- Gross misconduct.
50.04.295Payments in lieu of contributions.
50.04.298Professional employer organizations -- Coemployment -- Covered employee.
50.04.310Unemployed individual -- Individual not unemployed -- Unemployed corporate officer -- Corporate officer not unemployed.
50.04.320Wages, remuneration.
50.04.323Wages, remuneration -- Government or private retirement pension plan payments -- Effect upon eligibility -- Reduction in benefits.
50.04.330Wages, remuneration -- Retirement and disability payments excepted.
50.04.335Wages, remuneration -- Stock transfers excepted.
50.04.340Wages, remuneration -- Death benefits excepted.
50.04.350Wages, remuneration -- Excepted payments.
50.04.355Wages, remuneration -- Average annual wage -- Average weekly wage -- Average annual wage for contributions purposes.
50.04.900Construction -- Title applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

"Application for initial determination" defined: RCW 50.20.140.

"Claim for benefits" defined: RCW 50.20.140.

"Claim for waiting period" defined: RCW 50.20.140.