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RCW 49.17.410

Construction crane safety—Application.

(1) RCW 49.17.400 through 49.17.430 apply to cranes used with or without attachments.
(2) RCW 49.17.400 through 49.17.430 do not apply to:
(a) A crane while it has been converted or adapted for a nonhoisting or nonlifting use including, but not limited to, power shovels, excavators, and concrete pumps;
(b) Power shovels, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, loader backhoes, and track loaders when used with or without chains, slings, or other rigging to lift suspended loads;
(c) Automotive wreckers and tow trucks when used to clear wrecks and haul vehicles;
(d) Service trucks with mobile lifting devices designed specifically for use in the power line and electric service industries, such as digger derricks (radial boom derricks), when used in the power line and electric service industries for auguring holes to set power and utility poles, or handling associated materials to be installed or removed from utility poles;
(e) Equipment originally designed as vehicle-mounted aerial devices (for lifting personnel) and self-propelled elevating work platforms;
(f) Hydraulic jacking systems, including telescopic/hydraulic gantries;
(g) Stacker cranes;
(h) Powered industrial trucks (forklifts);
(i) Mechanic's truck with a hoisting device when used in activities related to equipment maintenance and repair;
(j) Equipment that hoists by using a come-along or chainfall;
(k) Dedicated drilling rigs;
(l) Gin poles used for the erection of communication towers;
(m) Tree trimming and tree removal work;
(n) Anchor handling with a vessel or barge using an affixed A-frame;
(o) Roustabouts;
(p) Cranes used on-site in manufacturing facilities or powerhouses for occasional or routine maintenance and repair work; and
(q) Crane operators operating cranes on-site in manufacturing facilities or powerhouses for occasional or routine maintenance and repair work.
[2007 c 27 § 3.]
IntentEffective date2007 c 27: See notes following RCW 49.17.400.