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RCW 48.31C.070

Examination of health carriers—Commissioner may order production of information—Failure to comply—Costs. (Effective until January 1, 2016.)

(1) Subject to the limitation contained in this section and in addition to the powers that the commissioner has under RCW 48.44.145 relating to the examination of health care service contractors and under RCW 48.46.120 relating to the examination of health maintenance organizations, the commissioner also may order a health carrier registered under RCW 48.31C.040 to produce such records, books, or other information papers in the possession of the health carrier or its affiliates as are reasonably necessary to ascertain the financial condition of the health carrier or to determine compliance with this title. If the health carrier fails to comply with the order, the commissioner may examine the affiliates to obtain the information.
(2) The commissioner may retain at the registered health carrier's expense those attorneys, actuaries, accountants, and other experts not otherwise a part of the commissioner's staff as are reasonably necessary to assist in the conduct of the examination under subsection (1) of this section. Persons so retained are under the direction and control of the commissioner and shall act in a purely advisory capacity.
(3) Each registered health carrier producing for examination records, books, and papers under subsection (1) of this section are liable for and shall pay the expense of the examination in accordance with RCW 48.03.060.
(4) Chapter 48.03 RCW applies to this chapter except to the extent expressly modified by this chapter.