Chapter 48.30A RCW


RCW Sections

48.30A.005Findings -- Intent.
48.30A.015Unlawful acts -- Penalties.
48.30A.020Defenses to proceedings under this chapter.
48.30A.030Injunction available -- Remedies -- Costs -- Attorneys' fees -- Degree of proof -- Time limit.
48.30A.035Detrimental judgment -- Written notification to appropriate regulatory or disciplinary body or agency.
48.30A.040Violation -- Cause for discipline -- Unprofessional conduct -- Regulatory penalty.
48.30A.045Insurance antifraud plan -- File plan and changes with commissioner--Exemptions.
48.30A.050Insurance antifraud plan -- Specific procedures.
48.30A.055Insurance antifraud plan -- Review -- Disapproval -- Notice -- Audit to ensure compliance.
48.30A.060Insurance antifraud plan -- Actions taken by insurer -- Report -- Not public records.
48.30A.065Insurance antifraud plan or summary report -- Failure to file or exercise good faith -- Penalty -- Failure to follow plan -- Civil penalty.
48.30A.070Duty to investigate, enforce, and prosecute violations.
48.30A.900Effective date -- 1995 c 285.