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RCW 48.30.310

Commercial motor vehicle employment driving record not to be considered, when.

When an individual applies for a policy of casualty insurance providing either automobile liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, automobile medical payments coverage, or automobile physical damage coverage on an individually owned passenger vehicle or a renewal of such policy, an insurer shall not consider the applicant's commercial motor vehicle employment driving record in determining whether the policy will be issued or renewed or in determining the rates for the policy. An insurer shall not cancel such policy or discriminate in regard to other terms or conditions of the policy based upon the applicant's commercial motor vehicle employment driving record.
"Employment driving record" means that record maintained by the director pertaining to motor vehicle accidents or convictions for violation of motor vehicle laws while the applicant is driving a commercial motor vehicle as an employee of another.
[1977 ex.s. c 356 § 3.]