Chapter 48.29 RCW


RCW Sections

48.29.005Administration of chapter -- Rules.
48.29.010Scope of chapter -- Definitions.
48.29.015Requirement to maintain records -- Report to commissioner.
48.29.017Statistical reporting agent--Duties--Required reports--Costs--Rules.
48.29.018Information filed under RCW 48.29.017 -- Confidentiality.
48.29.020Certificate of authority -- Qualifications.
48.29.040May do business in two or more counties -- Restrictions.
48.29.120Reserve requirements.
48.29.140Premium rates -- Required filings -- Transition date set by rule.
48.29.143Premium rates -- Actuarially sound estimates.
48.29.147Required filings -- Information subject to review -- Commissioner's powers -- Timing.
48.29.150Taxation of title insurers.
48.29.155Agent license -- Financial responsibility -- Definitions.
48.29.160Agents -- County tract indexes required.
48.29.170Agents -- Separate licenses for individuals not required.
48.29.180Disclosure of energy conservation payment obligations -- Informational note -- Liability.
48.29.190Conducting business as escrow agent -- Requirements -- Violation, penalties.
48.29.193Escrow services -- Schedule of fees filed with commissioner.
48.29.195Escrow services -- Schedule of fees made available to public.
48.29.200Prohibited practices.
48.29.210Business inducements -- Prohibited practices.
48.29.213Return on ownership interest -- Certain payments authorized.
48.29.900Severability -- 2008 c 110.
48.29.901Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.