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Chapter 48.29 RCW


Administration of chapterRules.
Scope of chapterDefinitions.
Requirement to maintain recordsReport to commissioner.
Statistical reporting agentDutiesRequired reportsCostsRules.
Information filed under RCW 48.29.017Confidentiality.
Certificate of authorityQualifications.
May do business in two or more countiesRestrictions.
Reserve requirements.
Premium ratesRequired filingsTransition date set by rule.
Premium ratesActuarially sound estimates.
Required filingsInformation subject to reviewCommissioner's powersTiming.
Taxation of title insurers.
Agent licenseFinancial responsibilityDefinitions.
AgentsCounty tract indexes required.
AgentsSeparate licenses for individuals not required.
Disclosure of energy conservation payment obligationsInformational noteLiability.
Conducting business as escrow agentRequirementsViolation, penalties.
Escrow servicesSchedule of fees filed with commissioner.
Escrow servicesSchedule of fees made available to public.
Prohibited practices.
Business inducementsProhibited practices.
Return on ownership interestCertain payments authorized.
Severability2008 c 110.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.