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RCW 48.27.030

Policy does not cover flood damage—Notice to policyholder.

(1) Every insurer issuing a homeowner, condominium unit owner, residential tenant, and residential fire insurance policy that does not cover damage caused by flood must notify the policyholder that the policy does not cover damage caused by flood. The notice must also inform the policyholder how to contact the national flood insurance program ("NFIP") or one of the NFIP's agents. This notice must be provided:
(a) At the time the policy is issued; and
(b) At the time the policy is renewed.
(2) The following language, when combined with current information about how to contact the NFIP or its agent, satisfies the notice requirements of this section:
"This policy does not cover damage to your property caused by flooding. The federal government offers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program to residents of communities that participate in its program. You can learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program at or by calling (888) 379-9531."
(3) Nothing in this section invalidates a flood exclusion, or any other exclusion, in an insurance policy subject to this section.
[2009 c 14 § 1.]