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RCW 48.19.460

Automobile insurance—Premium reductions for older insureds completing accident prevention course.

Any schedule of rates or rating plan for automobile liability and physical damage insurance submitted to or filed with the commissioner shall provide for an appropriate reduction in premium charges except for underinsured motorist coverage for those insureds who are fifty-five years of age and older, for a two-year period after successfully completing a motor vehicle accident prevention course meeting the criteria of the department of licensing with a minimum of eight hours, or additional hours as determined by rule of the department of licensing. The classroom course may be conducted by a public or private agency approved by the department. An eight-hour course meeting the criteria of the department of licensing may be offered via an alternative delivery method of instruction, which may include internet, video, or other technology-based delivery methods. An agency seeking approval from the department to offer an alternative delivery method course of instruction is not required to conduct classroom courses under this section. The department of licensing may adopt rules to ensure that insureds who seek certification for taking a course offered via an alternative delivery method have completed the course.
[2007 c 258 § 1; 1987 c 377 § 1; 1986 c 235 § 1.]