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RCW 48.18.210

Execution of policies.

(1) Every insurance contract shall be executed in the name of and on behalf of the insurer by its officer, employee, or representative duly authorized by the insurer.
(2) A facsimile signature of any such executing officer, employee or representative may be used in lieu of an original signature.
(3) No insurance contract heretofore or hereafter issued and which is otherwise valid shall be rendered invalid by reason of the apparent execution thereof on behalf of the insurer by the imprinted facsimile signature of any individual not authorized so to execute as of the date of the policy, if the policy is countersigned with the original signature of an individual then so authorized to countersign.
[1947 c 79 § .18.21; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 45.18.21.]