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Chapter 48.18 RCW


RCW Sections

48.18.010Scope of chapter.
48.18.020Power to contract.
48.18.030Insurable interest -- Personal insurances -- Nonprofit organizations -- Rules.
48.18.040Insurable interest -- Property insurances.
48.18.050Named insured -- Interest insured.
48.18.060Application -- Consent -- When required.
48.18.070Alteration of application.
48.18.080Application as evidence.
48.18.090Warranties and misrepresentations, effect of.
48.18.100Forms of policies -- Filing, certification, and approval -- Exceptions.
48.18.103Forms of commercial property casualty policies -- Legislative intent -- Issuance prior to filing -- Disapproval by commissioner -- Definition.
48.18.110Grounds for disapproval.
48.18.120Standard forms.
48.18.125Loss payable and mortgagee clauses for property and automobile physical damage insurances -- Requirement to use adopted forms.
48.18.130Standard provisions.
48.18.140Contents of policies in general.
48.18.150Additional contents.
48.18.160Charter or bylaw provisions.
48.18.170"Premium" defined.
48.18.180Stated premium must include all charges.
48.18.190Policy must contain entire contract.
48.18.200Limiting actions, jurisdiction.
48.18.210Execution of policies.
48.18.220Receipt of premium to bind coverage -- Contents of receipt.
48.18.230Binders -- Duration -- Premium.
48.18.240Binders -- Insurance producer's or title insurance agent's liability.
48.18.250Underwriters' and combination policies.
48.18.260Delivery of policy.
48.18.278Terms for cancellation, nonrenewal, or modification of portable electronics policy--Application of RCW 48.18.290 and 48.18.2901 to portable electronics insurance.
48.18.280Renewal of policy.
48.18.289Cancellation, nonrenewal, renewal offer -- Notice to insurance producer or title insurance agent.
48.18.290Cancellation by insurer.
48.18.2901Renewal required -- Exceptions.
48.18.291Cancellation of private automobile insurance by insurer -- Notice -- Requirements.
48.18.292Refusal to renew private automobile insurance by insurer -- Change in amount of premium or deductibles.
48.18.293Nonliability of commissioner, agents, insurer for information giving reasons for cancellation or refusal to renew -- Proof of mailing of notice.
48.18.295RCW 48.18.290 through 48.18.297 not to prevent cancellation or nonrenewal, when.
48.18.296Contracts to which RCW 48.18.291 through 48.18.297 inapplicable.
48.18.297Private passenger automobile defined.
48.18.298Disability insurance -- Refusal to renew by insurer.
48.18.299Disability insurance -- Cancellation by insurer.
48.18.300Cancellation by insured.
48.18.310Cancellation by commissioner.
48.18.320Annulment of liability policies.
48.18.340Dividends payable to real party in interest.
48.18.350Breach of warranty prior to loss -- Effect.
48.18.360Assignment of policies -- Life and disability.
48.18.370Payment discharges insurer -- Life and disability.
48.18.375Assignment of interests under group insurance policy.
48.18.390Simultaneous deaths -- Payment of proceeds -- Life insurance.
48.18.400Exemption of proceeds -- Disability.
48.18.410Exemption of proceeds -- Life.
48.18.420Exemption of proceeds -- Group life.
48.18.430Exemption of proceeds, commutation -- Annuities.
48.18.440Spouse's rights in life insurance policy.
48.18.450Life insurance payable to trustee named as beneficiary in the policy.
48.18.452Life insurance designating as beneficiary a trustee named by will.
48.18.460Proof of loss -- Furnishing forms -- May require oath.
48.18.470Claims administration -- Not waiver.
48.18.480Discrimination prohibited.
48.18.510Validity of noncomplying forms.
48.18.520Construction of policies.
48.18.540Cancellations, denials, refusals to renew -- Written notification.
48.18.543Single premium credit insurance -- Residential mortgage loan -- Restrictions -- Definitions.
48.18.545Underwriting restrictions that apply to personal insurance -- Credit history or insurance score -- Rules.
48.18.547Underwriting restrictions that apply to medical malpractice insurance -- Rules.
48.18.550Victims of domestic abuse -- Prohibition on certain cancellations, denials, refusals to renew, and different rates -- Domestic abuse defined.
48.18.553Victims of malicious harassment -- Restrictions of underwriting actions -- Definitions.
48.18.555Property insurance -- Actions resulting from arson or malicious mischief -- Definitions.
48.18.565Homeowner's insurance -- Foster parent.
48.18.570Life insurance -- Lawful travel destinations.
48.18.580Employer-owned life insurance -- Requirements.
48.18.583Employer-owned life insurance -- Application to policies.
48.18.586Employer-owned life insurance -- Rules.
48.18.600Usage-based insurance -- Restrictions on information collected.
48.18.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Exemptions of proceeds of insurance on exempt property: RCW 6.15.030.

False claims or proof: RCW 48.30.230.

Misrepresentation in application: RCW 48.30.210.