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RCW 48.110.030

Registration required — Application — Required information — Grounds for refusal — Annual renewal.

     *** CHANGE IN 2014 *** (SEE 5977-S.SL) ***

(1) A person may not act as, or offer to act as, or hold himself or herself out to be a service contract provider in this state, nor may a service contract be sold to a consumer in this state, unless the service contract provider has a valid registration as a service contract provider issued by the commissioner.

     (2) Applicants to be a service contract provider must make an application to the commissioner upon a form to be furnished by the commissioner. The application must include or be accompanied by the following information and documents:

     (a) All basic organizational documents of the service contract provider, including any articles of incorporation, articles of association, partnership agreement, trade name certificate, trust agreement, shareholder agreement, bylaws, and other applicable documents, and all amendments to those documents;

     (b) The identities of the service contract provider's executive officer or officers directly responsible for the service contract provider's service contract business, and, if more than fifty percent of the service contract provider's gross revenue is derived from the sale of service contracts, the identities of the service contract provider's directors and stockholders having beneficial ownership of ten percent or more of any class of securities;

     (c) Audited annual financial statements or other financial reports acceptable to the commissioner for the two most recent years which prove that the applicant is solvent and any information the commissioner may require in order to review the current financial condition of the applicant. If the service contract provider is relying on RCW 48.110.050(2)(c) to assure the faithful performance of its obligations to service contract holders, then the audited financial statements of the service contract provider's parent company must also be filed;

     (d) An application fee of two hundred fifty dollars, which must be deposited into the general fund; and

     (e) Any other pertinent information required by the commissioner.

     (3) Each registered service contract provider must appoint the commissioner as the service contract provider's attorney to receive service of legal process issued against the service contract provider in this state upon causes of action arising within this state. Service upon the commissioner as attorney constitutes effective legal service upon the service contract provider.

     (a) With the appointment the service contract provider must designate the person to whom the commissioner must forward legal process so served upon him or her.

     (b) The appointment is irrevocable, binds any successor in interest or to the assets or liabilities of the service contract provider, and remains in effect for as long as there could be any cause of action against the service contract provider arising out of any of the service contract provider's contracts or obligations in this state.

     (c) The service of process must be accomplished and processed in the manner prescribed under RCW 48.02.200.

     (4) The commissioner may refuse to issue a registration if the commissioner determines that the service contract provider, or any individual responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the service contract provider under subsection (2)(b) of this section, is not competent, trustworthy, financially responsible, or has had a license as a service contract provider or similar license denied or revoked for cause by any state.

     (5) A registration issued under this section is valid, unless surrendered, suspended, or revoked by the commissioner, or not renewed for so long as the service contract provider continues in business in this state and remains in compliance with this chapter. A registration is subject to renewal annually on the first day of July upon application of the service contract provider and payment of a fee of two hundred dollars, which must be deposited into the general fund. If not so renewed, the registration expires on the June 30th next preceding.

     (6) A service contract provider must keep current the information required to be disclosed in its registration under this section by reporting all material changes or additions within thirty days after the end of the month in which the change or addition occurs.

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