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RCW 48.05.330

Insurers—Combination of kinds of insurance authorized—Exceptions.

An insurer which otherwise qualifies therefor may be authorized to transact any one kind or combinations of kinds of insurance as defined in chapter 48.11 RCW, except:
(1) A life insurer may grant annuities and may be authorized to transact in addition only disability insurance; except, that the commissioner may, if the insurer otherwise qualifies therefor, continue so to authorize any life insurer which immediately prior to June 13, 1963 was lawfully authorized to transact in this state a kind or kinds of insurance in addition to life and disability insurances and annuity business.
(2) A reciprocal insurer shall not transact life insurance.
(3) A title insurer shall be a stock insurer and shall not transact any other kind of insurance. This provision shall not prohibit the ceding of reinsurance by a title insurer to insurers other than mutual or reciprocal insurers.
[1963 c 195 § 6.]