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Chapter 47.36 RCW


RCW Sections

47.36.010Restoration of United States survey markers.
47.36.020Traffic control signals.
47.36.022Traffic control signals -- Duration of yellow change interval.
47.36.025Vehicle-activated traffic control signals -- Detection of motorcycles and bicycles.
47.36.030Traffic control devices -- Specifications to counties and cities--Signs, banners over highways.
47.36.040Furnished by department, paid for by counties and cities.
47.36.050Duty to erect traffic devices on state highways and railroad crossings.
47.36.053General duty to place and maintain traffic devices on state highways and railroad crossings.
47.36.060Traffic devices on county roads and city streets.
47.36.070Failure to erect signs, procedure.
47.36.080Signs at railroad crossings.
47.36.090Cooperation with United States on road markers.
47.36.095Highway designation system -- Signs.
47.36.097Highway designation system--Filing.
47.36.100Directional, caution, and stop signs.
47.36.110Stop signs, "Yield" signs -- Duties of persons using highway.
47.36.120City limit signs.
47.36.130Meddling with signs prohibited.
47.36.141Bus shelters -- Advertising.
47.36.180Forbidden devices -- Penalty.
47.36.200Signs or flaggers at thoroughfare work sites -- Penalty.
47.36.250Dangerous road conditions requiring special tires, chains, or traction equipment -- Signs or devices -- Penalty.
47.36.260Signs indicating proper lane usage.
47.36.270Regional shopping center directional signs.
47.36.280Pavement marking standards.
47.36.290State park directional signs.
47.36.300Supplemental directional signs -- Erection by local governments.
47.36.310Motorist information signs -- Interstate highways -- Contents, placement, fees.
47.36.320Motorist information signs, tourist-oriented directional signs -- Primary and scenic roads -- Contents, placement, fees.
47.36.330Motorist information signs -- Maximum number and distance.
47.36.340Motorist information signs -- Lodging.
47.36.350Motorist information signs -- Installation time.
47.36.360Motorist information signs--"RV" logo.
47.36.400Adopt-a-highway signs.

County roads, signs, signals, guideposts -- Standards: RCW 36.86.040.

Range areas, signs: RCW 16.24.060.

Rules of the road: Chapter 46.61 RCW.