Chapter 47.28 RCW


RCW Sections

47.28.010Latitude in selecting route.
47.28.020Width of right-of-way.
47.28.025Description and plan of new or limited access highway -- Recording.
47.28.026Description and plan of new or limited access highway -- Buildings and improvements prohibited, when.
47.28.030Contracts -- State forces -- Monetary limits -- Small businesses, veteran, minority, and women contractors -- Rules -- Work on ferry vessels and terminals, ferry vessel program.
47.28.035Cost of project, defined.
47.28.040Precontract preparation of maps, plans, and specifications -- Filing.
47.28.050Call for bids.
47.28.060Copy of map, plans, etc. -- Charge.
47.28.070Form of bid -- Data required -- Requirements -- Refusal to furnish form -- Appeal.
47.28.075Financial information not open to public inspection.
47.28.080Withdrawal of bids -- New bids -- Time fixed in call controls.
47.28.090Opening of bids and award of contract -- Deposit.
47.28.100Failure or rejection of bidder.
47.28.110Sureties -- Qualifications -- Additional sureties.
47.28.120Actions for labor and materials -- Limitation of action.
47.28.140Highway, public transportation improvements, flood damage prevention -- Cooperative agreements.
47.28.150Underpasses, overpasses constructed with federal funds -- Maintenance cost apportionment.
47.28.170Emergency protection and restoration of highways.
47.28.220Compost products.
47.28.241Alternative delivery of construction services -- Definitions.
47.28.251Alternative delivery of construction services -- Financial incentives -- Private contracting -- Reports.
47.28.260Reciprocal agreement -- Waiver of indirect costs.

Contractor's bond to pay labor, etc.: Chapter 39.08 RCW.

County road improvement districts: Chapter 36.88 RCW.

Design standards committee for city streets: Chapter 35.78 RCW.

Liens for labor, materials on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.

Size, weight, load of vehicles: Chapter 46.44 RCW.

Viaducts, bridges, elevated roadways, etc., authority of cities to construct: Chapter 35.85 RCW.