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RCW 46.87.023

Rental car businesses. (Effective until July 1, 2016.)

(1) Rental car businesses must register with the department of licensing. This registration must be renewed annually by the rental car business.
(2) Rental cars must be titled and registered under the provisions of chapters 46.12 and 46.16A RCW. The vehicle must be identified at the time of application with the rental car company business number issued by the department.
(3) Use of rental cars is restricted to the rental customer unless otherwise provided by rule.
(4) The department may suspend or cancel the exemptions, benefits, or privileges granted under this section to a rental car business that violates the laws of this state relating to the operation or registration of vehicles or rules lawfully adopted thereunder. The department may initiate and conduct audits, investigations, and enforcement actions as may be reasonably necessary for administering this section.
(5) The department shall adopt such rules as may be necessary to administer and enforce the provisions of this section.
IntentEffective date2011 c 171: See notes following RCW 4.24.210.
Effective dates1992 c 194: See note following RCW 46.04.466.