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RCW 46.72.160

Local regulation.

Cities, counties, and port districts may license, control, and regulate all for hire vehicles operating within their respective jurisdictions. The power to regulate includes:
(1) Regulating entry into the business of providing for hire vehicle transportation services;
(2) Requiring a license to be purchased as a condition of operating a for hire vehicle and the right to revoke, cancel, or refuse to reissue a license for failure to comply with regulatory requirements;
(3) Controlling the rates charged for providing for hire vehicle transportation service and the manner in which rates are calculated and collected;
(4) Regulating the routes and operations of for hire vehicles, including restricting access to airports;
(5) Establishing safety and equipment requirements; and
(6) Any other requirements adopted to ensure safe and reliable for hire vehicle transportation service.
[1996 c 87 § 19.]