Chapter 43.330 RCW


(Formerly: Department of community, trade, and economic development)
Management responsibility.
Department created.
Director powers and duties.
Community and economic development responsibilities.
Trade and business responsibilities.
Recruitment and retention of businessProtocols for associate development organizations and department staff.
Identification of countries of strategic importance for international trade relations.
International companies investing in WashingtonEligibility for excise tax incentives.
Local development capacityTraining and technical assistance.
Local government regulation and policy handoutsTechnical assistance.
Coordination of community and economic development servicesContracts with county-designated associate development organizationsScope of servicesBusiness services training.
Contracting associate development organizationsPerformance measures and summary of best practicesRemediation plansReport.
Washington state quality awardReimbursement of application fee.
Contracts with associate development organizationsSchedule of awards.
Economic diversification strategiesTargeted industry sectorsFilm and video production.
Tourism development and promotion accountPromotion of tourism industry.
Local infrastructure and public facilitiesGrants and loans.
HousingEnergy assistance.
Growth management.
Assistance to counties and cities.
Services to poor and disadvantaged personsPreschool childrenSubstance abuseFamily servicesFire protection and emergency management.
Court-appointed special advocate programsFundsEligibility.
Entrepreneurial assistanceRecipients of temporary assistance for needy familiesCooperation with agencies for training and industrial recruitment.
FeesConferences, workshops, training.
FeesService and product delivery areas.
Community and economic development fee account.
FeesAdoption by rule.
Housing for farmworkersProposal review and funding recommendationsFarmworker housing advisory group.
Washington youth and families fund.
Statewide housing market analysis.
Reimbursement of extraordinary criminal justice costs.
Economic development strategic reserve accountAuthorized expendituresTransfer of excess funds to the education construction account.
Inventory of economic development grant opportunitiesJoint efforts for grant seeking and attracting major events.
Innovation partnership zone program.
Documentation of clusters of companies having a comparative competitive advantageProcess and criteriaWorking group.
Financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program.
Comprehensive green economy jobs growth initiativeEstablishment.
Obtaining energy efficiency servicesAwarding grants to financial institutionsCredit enhancements.
Funding energy efficiency improvementsRisk reduction mechanismsLegislative intent.
Appliance efficiency rebate program.
Use of moneys by local municipalities to leverage financing for energy efficiency projects.
FindingsInvolvement of state bond authorities in financing energy efficiency projects.
Evergreen jobs initiative.
Evergreen jobs effortsCoordination and supportIdentification of technologies, barriers, and strategiesOutreach effortsPerformance reports.
Broadband mapping accountFederal broadband data improvement act fundingCoordination of broadband mapping activities.
Reporting availability of high-speed internetSurvey of high-speed internet infrastructure owned or leased by state agenciesGeographic information system mapRules.
Procurement of geographic information system mapAccountability and oversight structureApplication of public records act.
Broadband mapping, deployment, and adoptionReports.
Community technology opportunity programAdministrationGrant program.
Washington community technology opportunity account.
Broadband deployment and adoptionGovernor's actionsOversight and implementation by the department.
Advisory group on digital inclusion and technology planning.
Developmental disabilities endowmentDefinitions.
Developmental disabilities endowmentTrust fund.
Developmental disabilities endowmentAuthority of state investment boardAuthority of governing board.
Developmental disabilities endowmentGoverning boardLiability of governing board and state investment board.
Developmental disabilities endowmentEndowment principles.
Developmental disabilities endowmentDevelopment of operating planElements.
Developmental disabilities endowmentProgram implementation and administration.
Developmental disabilities endowmentRules.
Multijurisdictional regulatory streamlining projectsEstablishmentReports.
Agricultural labor skills and safety grant program.
Washington achieving a better life experience programDefinitions.
Washington achieving a better life experience program account.
Washington achieving a better life experience programInvestment of moneysResponsibility of state investment board, governing board, department, and state treasurer.
Washington achieving a better life experience programEstablishedGoverning boardAdministrative supportColocation with developmental disabilities endowment governing boardAdvisory committeesInteragency agreementsLimited liability.
Washington achieving a better life experience programGoverning board authority.
Washington sexual assault kit program.
Economic gardening pilot project.
Low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan programDefinitions.
Low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan program.
Low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan programContracts with rehabilitation agenciesReports.
Low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan programAccount.
FindingsHomeless youth.
Homeless youthDefinitions.
Homeless youthOffice of homeless youth prevention and protection programs.
Homeless youthData and outcomes measuresReport.
Homeless youthOffice of homeless youth prevention and protection programsReport to the directorGrantsProgram management and oversight.
Homeless youthTraining program.
Homeless youthReview of state-funded programs.
Finding2015 c 296.
Washington small business retirement marketplace.
Private sector contractor's dutiesDirector's dutiesRolloversRulesParticipation of private sector financial services firms.
Payment of marketplace expensesUse of private and federal funding.
Federal employment retirement income act liabilityProhibition on state-based retirement plan for nonstate employees.
Incentive payments.
Effectiveness and efficiency of the Washington small business retirement marketplaceBiennial report.
RulesRule development process.
References to director and department.
Effective date1993 c 280.
Effective date1994 c 5.
Transfer of certain state energy office powers, duties, and functionsReferences to directorAppointment of assistant director.
Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to county public health assistance.
Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to administrative and support services for the building code council.
Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to the drug prosecution assistance program.
Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to the energy facility site evaluation council.
Transfer of certain powers, duties, and functions of the department of information servicesHigh-speed internet activities.
Short title2015 c 69.
Conflict with federal requirements2015 c 296.
Broadband mapping, deployment, and adoptionReports: RCW 43.330.409.
Centers of excellence: RCW 28B.50.902.
Community development, programs of former department of: Chapter 43.63A RCW.
Projects of statewide significanceAssignment of project facilitator or coordinator: RCW 43.157.030.
Trade and economic development, programs of former department of: Chapter 43.31 RCW.
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