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Chapter 43.330 RCW

(Formerly Department of community, trade, and economic development)

RCW Sections

43.330.007Management responsibility.
43.330.020Department created.
43.330.030Director -- Appointment -- Salary.
43.330.040Director powers and duties.
43.330.050Community and economic development responsibilities.
43.330.060Trade and business responsibilities.
43.330.062Recruitment and retention of business -- Protocols for associate development organizations and department staff.
43.330.065Identification of countries of strategic importance for international trade relations.
43.330.068International companies investing in Washington -- Eligibility for excise tax incentives.
43.330.070Local development capacity -- Training and technical assistance.
43.330.075Local government regulation and policy handouts -- Technical assistance.
43.330.080Coordination of community and economic development services -- Contracts with county-designated associate development organizations -- Scope of services -- Business services training.
43.330.082Contracting associate development organizations -- Performance measures and summary of best practices -- Remediation plans -- Report.
43.330.084Washington state quality award -- Reimbursement of application fee.
43.330.086Contracts with associate development organizations -- Schedule of awards.
43.330.090Economic diversification strategies -- Targeted industry sectors -- Film and video production.
43.330.094Tourism development and promotion account--Promotion of tourism industry.
43.330.100Local infrastructure and public facilities -- Grants and loans.
43.330.110Housing -- Energy assistance.
43.330.120Growth management.
43.330.125Assistance to counties and cities.
43.330.130Services to poor and disadvantaged persons -- Preschool children -- Substance abuse -- Family services -- Fire protection and emergency management.
43.330.135Court-appointed special advocate programs -- Funds -- Eligibility.
43.330.145Entrepreneurial assistance--Recipients of temporary assistance for needy families--Cooperation with agencies for training and industrial recruitment.
43.330.150Fees -- Conferences, workshops, training.
43.330.152Fees -- Service and product delivery areas.
43.330.155Community and economic development fee account.
43.330.156Fees -- Adoption by rule.
43.330.165Housing for farmworkers -- Proposal review and funding recommendations -- Farmworker housing advisory group.
43.330.167Homeless families services fund -- Created -- Eligible activities.
43.330.170Statewide housing market analysis.
43.330.190Reimbursement of extraordinary criminal justice costs.
43.330.250Economic development strategic reserve account -- Authorized expenditures -- Transfer of excess funds to the education construction account.
43.330.260Inventory of economic development grant opportunities -- Joint efforts for grant seeking and attracting major events.
43.330.270Innovation partnership zone program.
43.330.280Documentation of clusters of companies having a comparative competitive advantage -- Process and criteria -- Working group.
43.330.300Financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program.
43.330.310Comprehensive green economy jobs growth initiative -- Establishment.
43.330.320Obtaining energy efficiency services -- Awarding grants to financial institutions -- Credit enhancements.
43.330.330Funding energy efficiency improvements -- Risk reduction mechanisms -- Legislative intent.
43.330.340Appliance efficiency rebate program.
43.330.350Use of moneys by local municipalities to leverage financing for energy efficiency projects.
43.330.360Findings -- Involvement of state bond authorities in financing energy efficiency projects.
43.330.370Evergreen jobs initiative.
43.330.375Evergreen jobs efforts -- Coordination and support -- Identification of technologies, barriers, and strategies -- Outreach efforts -- Performance reports.
43.330.400Broadband mapping account -- Federal broadband data improvement act funding -- Coordination of broadband mapping activities.
43.330.403Reporting availability of high-speed internet -- Survey of high-speed internet infrastructure owned or leased by state agencies -- Geographic information system map -- Rules.
43.330.406Procurement of geographic information system map -- Accountability and oversight structure -- Application of public records act.
43.330.409Broadband mapping, deployment, and adoption -- Reports.
43.330.412Community technology opportunity program -- Administration -- Grant program.
43.330.415Washington community technology opportunity account.
43.330.418Broadband deployment and adoption -- Governor's actions -- Oversight and implementation by the department.
43.330.421Advisory group on digital inclusion and technology planning.
43.330.430Developmental disabilities endowment -- Definitions.
43.330.431Developmental disabilities endowment -- Trust fund.
43.330.432Developmental disabilities endowment -- Authority of state investment board -- Authority of governing board.
43.330.433Developmental disabilities endowment -- Governing board -- Liability of governing board and state investment board.
43.330.434Developmental disabilities endowment -- Endowment principles.
43.330.435Developmental disabilities endowment -- Development of operating plan -- Elements.
43.330.436Developmental disabilities endowment -- Program implementation and administration.
43.330.437Developmental disabilities endowment -- Rules.
43.330.440Multijurisdictional regulatory streamlining projects -- Establishment -- Reports.
43.330.900References to director and department.
43.330.902Effective date -- 1993 c 280.
43.330.9021Effective date -- 1994 c 5.
43.330.903Severability -- 1993 c 280.
43.330.904Transfer of certain state energy office powers, duties, and functions -- References to director -- Appointment of assistant director.
43.330.905Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to county public health assistance.
43.330.907Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to administrative and support services for the building code council.
43.330.908Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to the drug prosecution assistance program.
43.330.909Transfer of powers, duties, and functions pertaining to the energy facility site evaluation council.
43.330.910Transfer of certain powers, duties, and functions of the department of information services -- High-speed internet activities.

Broadband mapping, deployment, and adoption -- Reports: RCW 43.330.409.

Centers of excellence: RCW 28B.50.902.

Community development, programs of former department of: Chapter 43.63A RCW.

Projects of statewide significance -- Assignment of project facilitator or coordinator: RCW 43.157.030.

Trade and economic development, programs of former department of: Chapter 43.31 RCW.