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Chapter 43.24 RCW


RCW Sections

43.24.001Department of licensing -- Creation -- Director -- Powers, duties, and functions -- Personnel.
43.24.005Director -- Appointment -- Salary.
43.24.016Powers and duties -- Generally.
43.24.020Powers and duties -- Licensing.
43.24.023Rule-making authority.
43.24.030"License" defined.
43.24.040Forms to be prescribed.
43.24.060Examinations -- Committees -- Duties, compensation, travel expenses.
43.24.065Appointment of temporary additional members of boards and committees for administration and grading of examinations.
43.24.080Issuance of licenses.
43.24.084Professional licenses -- Use of social security numbers and drivers' license numbers prohibited.
43.24.086Fee policy for professions, occupations, and businesses -- Determination by rule.
43.24.090Examination of persons with disabilities.
43.24.112Suspension of license--Noncompliance with support order--Reissuance.
43.24.115Director's duties as to refusal, revocation or suspension of licenses -- Performance by assistants.
43.24.120Appeal -- Further review.
43.24.125Enforcement in accordance with RCW 43.05.100 and 43.05.110.
43.24.130License moratorium for persons in service -- Rules.
43.24.140Extension or modification of licensing, certification, or registration period authorized -- Rules and regulations, manner and content.
43.24.150Business and professions account.

Applications for licenses, discrimination to require disclosure of race or religion in -- Penalty: RCW 43.01.100.

Corporation doing business without license, penalty: RCW 9.24.040.

Department created: RCW 46.01.020, 43.17.010.

Drivers' training schools, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.82 RCW.

Emergency management workers, licensing requirements waived during emergency: RCW 38.52.180.

For-hire vehicles, certificates and operators' permits, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.72 RCW.

Gambling commission, administrator and staff for: RCW 9.46.080.

Health, department of, functions transferred to: RCW 43.70.901.

Jury source list -- Master jury list -- Creation -- Adoption of rules for implementation of methodology and standards by agencies: RCW 2.36.054 and 2.36.0571.

Manufactured/mobile home community registrations and database, administration and maintenance of: Chapter 59.30 RCW.

Marine recreation land act, duties: Chapter 79A.25 RCW.

Massachusetts trusts, rules and regulations by director: RCW 23.90.040.

Motor vehicles
   accident reports, tabulation and analysis of to be available to: RCW 46.52.060.
   administration by director of licensing: RCW 46.01.030, 46.01.040.
   agents of: RCW 46.01.130, 46.01.140.
   amateur radio operators with special license plates, director to furnish lists of: RCW 46.18.205.
   annual reports to governor: RCW 46.01.290.
   certified copies of departmental records relating to, department to furnish: RCW 46.01.250.
   departmental records relating to, destruction of: RCW 46.01.260.
   financial responsibility act, director's powers and duties under: Chapter 46.29 RCW.
   general powers and duties of director: RCW 46.01.130.
   lighting and other vehicle equipment, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.37 RCW.
   motor vehicle dealer's licenses, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.70 RCW.
   motor vehicle fuel tax, duties concerning: Chapter 82.36 RCW.
   motor vehicle fund moneys distributed to: RCW 46.68.090.
   motor vehicle revenue, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.68 RCW.
   motor vehicle transporters' licenses, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.76 RCW.
   safety responsibility act, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.29 RCW.
   vehicle registration and title and drivers' licenses, rules for: RCW 46.01.110.
   vehicle wreckers' licensing, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.80 RCW.

Oath of director: RCW 43.17.030.

Offices of department maintained at state capital: RCW 43.17.050.

Powers and duties of director: RCW 43.17.030, 43.24.020, chapter 46.01 RCW.

Rules of department: RCW 43.17.060, 46.01.110.

Seal: RCW 46.01.170.

Securities act, licensing requirements: Chapter 21.20 RCW.

Vacancies in department: RCW 43.17.020, 43.17.040.

Veterans' preferences, qualifications for: RCW 73.04.090.