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Chapter 43.20B RCW


RCW Sections

43.20B.020Fees for services -- Department of health and department of social and health services.
43.20B.030Overpayments and debts due the department -- Time limit -- Write-offs and compromises -- Waivers.
43.20B.040Chapter does not apply where another party liable -- Statement of lien -- Form.
43.20B.050Liens -- Compromise -- Settlement or judgment.
43.20B.060Reimbursement for medical care or residential care -- Lien -- Subrogation--Delegation of lien and subrogation rights.
43.20B.070Torts committed against recipients of state assistance -- Duties of attorney representing recipient -- Trust account for departmental lien.
43.20B.080Recovery for paid medical assistance -- Rules -- Disclosure of estate recovery costs, terms, and conditions.
43.20B.090Recovery for paid medical assistance and state-funded long-term care--Legislative intent--Legislative confirmation of effect of 1994 c 21.
43.20B.110License fees to be charged by secretary -- Waiver -- Review and comment.
43.20B.120Funeral assistance -- Lien against assets.
43.20B.310Residential care payments by families, when not collected.
43.20B.320Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Criminally insane -- Liability.
43.20B.325Mental illness -- Hospitalization charges -- How computed.
43.20B.330Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Liability.
43.20B.335Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Determination of ability to pay -- Standards -- Rules and regulations.
43.20B.340Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Notice and finding of responsibility -- Period -- Adjudicative proceedings.
43.20B.345Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Judgment for accrued amounts.
43.20B.347Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Lien against real and personal property.
43.20B.350Mental illness -- Treatment costs -- Modification or vacation of findings of responsibility.
43.20B.355Mental illness -- Hospitalization charges -- Due date -- Collection.
43.20B.360Mental illness -- Hospitalization charges -- Collection -- Statutes of limitation.
43.20B.370Mental illness -- Hospitalization charges -- Collection -- Prosecuting attorneys to assist.
43.20B.410Residential habilitation centers -- Liability for costs of services -- Declaration of purpose.
43.20B.415State residential schools -- Liability for costs of services -- Limitation.
43.20B.420Residential habilitation centers -- Determination of costs of services -- Establishment of rates -- Collection.
43.20B.425Residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Investigation and determination of ability to pay -- Exemptions.
43.20B.430Residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Notice and finding of responsibility -- Service -- Adjudicative proceeding.
43.20B.435State residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Modification or vacation of finding of responsibility.
43.20B.440Residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Charges payable in advance.
43.20B.445Residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Reimbursement from property subsequently acquired -- Placement outside school -- Liability after death of resident.
43.20B.450State residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Liabilities created apply to care, support, and treatment after July 1, 1967.
43.20B.455Residential habilitation centers -- Costs of services -- Discretionary allowance in resident's fund.
43.20B.460Guardianship fees and additional costs for incapacitated clients paying part of costs -- Maximum amount -- Rules.
43.20B.620Overpayments of assistance -- Lien against recipient's property -- Recovery methods.
43.20B.630Overpayments of assistance -- Procedures -- Adjudicative proceeding.
43.20B.635Overpayments of assistance -- Orders to withhold property of debtor -- Procedures.
43.20B.640Overpayments of assistance -- Failure to withhold property of debtor.
43.20B.645Overpayments of assistance -- Assignment of earnings.
43.20B.660Improper realty transfer -- Suit to rescind -- Recovery from recipient's estate.
43.20B.670Excess property assistance program -- Lien -- Department as creditor.
43.20B.675Vendor overpayments -- Goods or services provided on or after July 1, 1998 -- Notice -- Adjudicative proceeding -- Enforcement -- Collection -- Rules.
43.20B.680Vendor overpayments -- Lien or other security -- Setoff or recoupment -- Exception.
43.20B.685Vendor overpayments -- Liens -- Duration -- Enforcement.
43.20B.688Limitation on actions to enforce vendor overpayment debts.
43.20B.690Vendor overpayments -- Remedies nonexclusive.
43.20B.695Vendor overpayments -- Interest -- Exceptions.
43.20B.710Medical assistance -- Improper transfer or assignment of resources -- Penalty -- Presumption, rebuttal -- Attorney's fees.
43.20B.720Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensation -- Subrogation rights of department -- Lien -- Withhold and deliver notice.
43.20B.730Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensation -- Effective date of lien and notice -- Service.
43.20B.735Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensation -- Duty to withhold and deliver -- Amount.
43.20B.740Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensation -- Adjudicative proceeding--Collection pending final order.
43.20B.745Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensation -- Application.
43.20B.750Recipients holding title to real property or purchasing under land sales contracts -- Recording request for notice or termination or request for notice of transfer or encumbrance of property -- Notice and hearing -- Rules.
43.20B.900Savings -- 1987 c 75.
43.20B.901Severability -- 1987 c 75.
43.20B.902Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.