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Chapter 43.163 RCW


RCW Sections

43.163.005Purpose -- Construction.
43.163.020Economic development finance authority created -- Membership.
43.163.030Small businesses -- Funding of export transactions.
43.163.040Farmers -- Advance financing, agriculture conservation reserve program.
43.163.050Pooling of loans.
43.163.060Scope of authority's powers -- Duties of other agencies.
43.163.070Use of funds.
43.163.080General operating procedures.
43.163.090Economic development finance objectives plan.
43.163.100Powers of the authority.
43.163.110Restrictions on authority's activity.
43.163.120Staffing, restrictions -- Authority not to receive appropriated state funds.
43.163.130Nonrecourse revenue bonds -- Issuance.
43.163.140Nonrecourse revenue bonds -- Contracts -- Restrictions.
43.163.150Nonrecourse revenue bonds -- Financing documents, scope.
43.163.160Nonrecourse revenue bonds -- Money received shall be trust funds.
43.163.170Nonrecourse revenue bonds -- Owner and trustee, enforcement of rights.
43.163.180Nonrecourse revenue bonds as legal investment.
43.163.190Chapter as an alternative bond issuance method.
43.163.210Nonrecourse revenue bond financing -- Economic development activities -- New products.
43.163.901Severability -- 1989 c 279.

Bonds to finance conservation measures: RCW 43.19.695.

Public records: Chapter 42.56 RCW.