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Chapter 43.105 RCW

(Formerly Department of information services)

RCW Sections

43.105.006Consolidated technology services agency -- Purpose.
43.105.041Powers and duties of board.
43.105.047Agency created -- Appointment of director -- Director's duties.
43.105.052Powers and duties of agency.
43.105.057Rule-making authority.
43.105.060Contracts by state and local agencies with agency.
43.105.070Confidential or privileged information.
43.105.111Performance targets -- Plans for achieving goals -- Quarterly reports to governor.
43.105.178Information technology assets -- Inventory.
43.105.330State interoperability executive committee.
43.105.340Consumer protection web site.
43.105.825K-20 network -- Oversight -- Coordination of telecommunications planning.
43.105.900Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 219.
43.105.901Severability -- 1987 c 504.
43.105.902Effective date -- 1987 c 504.
43.105.903Effective date -- 1999 c 285.
43.105.904Actions of telecommunications oversight and policy committee -- Savings -- 1999 c 285.
43.105.905Construction -- 2008 c 262.
43.105.906Conflict with federal requirements -- 2009 c 509.