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Chapter 42.36 RCW


RCW Sections

42.36.010Local land use decisions.
42.36.020Members of local decision-making bodies.
42.36.030Legislative action of local executive or legislative officials.
42.36.040Public discussion by candidate for public office.
42.36.050Campaign contributions.
42.36.060Quasi-judicial proceedings -- Ex parte communications prohibited, exceptions.
42.36.070Quasi-judicial proceedings -- Prior advisory proceedings.
42.36.080Disqualification based on doctrine -- Time limitation for raising challenge.
42.36.090Participation of challenged member of decision-making body.
42.36.100Judicial restriction of doctrine not prohibited -- Construction of chapter.
42.36.110Right to fair hearing not impaired.
42.36.900Severability -- 1982 c 229.