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RCW 42.17A.565

Solicitation of contributions by public officials or employees.

(1) No state or local official or state or local official's agent may knowingly solicit, directly or indirectly, a contribution to a candidate for public office, political party, or political committee from an employee in the state or local official's agency.
(2) No state or local official or public employee may provide an advantage or disadvantage to an employee or applicant for employment in the classified civil service concerning the applicant's or employee's:
(a) Employment;
(b) Conditions of employment; or
(c) Application for employment,
based on the employee's or applicant's contribution or promise to contribute or failure to make a contribution or contribute to a political party or political committee.
[1995 c 397 § 24; 1993 c 2 § 15 (Initiative Measure No. 134, approved November 3, 1992). Formerly RCW 42.17.750.]